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Good article for hockey parents

By Tony Scott, 12/31/15, 9:45AM CST


Do you follow these "rules?"

11 Must Read Rules for Hockey Parents

By Tony Scott12/30/15, 10:30PM PST


Engulfed in the youth game we see a lot of great plays, players and volunteers. Youth hockey wouldn’t be as great as it is without dedicated parents who pay their dues both emotionally and financially for 10-15 years. No matter where you are in the lifespan of your player/s, we put together a helpful list of rules for our readers, hopefully you will only break a couple in your day:

  1. When referring to the team, refrain from using the term “we.” Because “we won” or “we lost” aren’t accurate unless you’re on the roster.  
  2. When your favorite team loses. They lost because they didn’t score as many goals as they allowed…end of story.
  3. Never (ever, ever, ever) email the tournament director or coaching staff after a game to “correct the scoring.” 
  4. If you post on Social Media every time your favorite team wins, you must also post every time they lose.
  5. If a proud parent tells you how many points their favorite player has/had, divide that number in half to get a more accurate count.
  6. As a parent if you insist on buying branded team gear for yourself, maybe stop short of stitching on the name and number of your son or daughter

   7.  If your favorite team wins the B or C bracket of a tournament, refrain from posting on Social Media they are “champions”…There was only one championship team that weekend…the team that finished 5-0 not 3-2.

   8.  When your favorite team is up big, only a light golf clap is necessary for all remaining goals. Even if your favorite player finally scored his first of the season.

   9.  Under no circumstance should the words “plus / minus” ever leave your mouth. Ever.  

  10. The following are forbidden after your child’s 8th birthday:

           -Tying skates,

           -Going into locker room

           -Watching practice

   11. If you have more than one player in your house, do everyone a favor, don’t start a conversation with a huge sigh, followed by, “I’ve been at the rink all day.”