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OMGHA Revises Parent and Player Codes of Conduct

By omgha, 10/08/18, 12:15PM CDT


As we prepare to Drop the Puck on the 2018-19 OMGHA Hockey Season, OMGHA is proud to adopt our newly revised Player and Parent Codes of Conduct that will govern on and off ice activity this year, and into the future.   With a strong focus on recognition and enforcement of these policies, OMGHA will adhere to the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy and policies outlined in the SafeSport Handbook in order to make hockey a more desirable and rewarding experience for all participants.


As your seasons begin, you should expect to hear more about these policies and the enforcement of the same by your coaches and managers.   It is encouraged, however, that you take the time to read and understand the policies on your own, and share them with your players.    Links to the policies are posted below for your ease of reference.


Thank you for working to make hockey an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!


Parent Code of Conduct


Player Code of Conduct