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  1. Are there separate programs for boys and girls?
    • YES. We have separate programs for boys and girls at each level.
  2. What age can kids start playing?
    • Players that are four years of age as of September 1 are eligible for the Mini Mite program. You will need to provide OMGHA with a copy of your child’s birth certificate that will be kept on file with our Registrar.
    • Players must be 5 years old as of June 1, OR entering kindergarten for the upcoming school year in order to be eligible for Mite 1 or Girl Mites hockey.
  3. What is the difference between Mini Mites, Mite 1, Mite 2, Girls Mite, Supermites and U8?
    • The basic difference is the age of each level:


                                     i.      Mini Mite:  Birthdates between June 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016 (typically pre-K) - May still register if turning 4 by September 1st.

                                     ii.     Mite 1: Birthdates between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015 (typically Kindergarten)

                                   iii.     Mite 2: Birthdates between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014 (typically 1st grade)

                                  iv.     Girls Mite:  Birthdates between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2015 (typically K-1st grade)

                                  v.     Supermite: Birthdates between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2013 (typically 2nd-3rd grade)

                                vi.     U8: Girls with Birthdates between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2013  (typically 2nd-3rd grade)

  1. When does the season start?
    • Late October for Supermites/U8 players (HEP Skills Evaluation Mid October)
    • Early November for Mite 1, Mite 2 and Girls Mite players
    • Early November for Mini-Mites
  2. How long is the hockey season for Mites/Supermites/U8?
    • The season will run from late October until mid-March. The season wraps up with our annual Mite Jamboree Weekend March.
  3. How long are practices?
    • Practices and games are typically 60 minutes in length.  Ice time is very expensive, so players must be ready to go on the ice at the designated start time.  It is usually best to be at the rink 20 minutes before your stated ice time in order to be ready on time.
  4. Where do we skate?
    • Indoor practices are held at Osseo Arena (Hwy 81) or Maple Grove Community Center (Weaver Lake Road). Outdoor practices are held at neighborhood parks designated by the City of Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Department.
  5. When are the practices/games?
    • Practices will be held on Saturdays and Sundays until games begin. Once games begin, the Sunday practice is replaced by a game. When outdoor ice is available, Supermite teams will practice Monday and Thursday, Mini Mites, Mites 1 & 2 and Girls Mites will practice on Tuesday night.
  6. Do I have to be at every practice/game?
    • No. While it is beneficial and recommended to attend every possible training and scrimmage session, it is not mandatory and will not impact playing time.
  7. How are teams formed?
    • Mite 1, Mite 2 and Girls Mites: Teams are formed by elementary school attendance area depending on coach availability. Every effort is made to keep kids from the same school on one team. Some years, there are not people willing to coach from a particular area so players are mixed with other attendance areas. 
    • Supermites, U8: Teams are separated by elementary school attendance area then balanced for similar competitive levels using HEP scores and school grade level.   HEP testing will take place in October at Osseo Arena.
  8. How many kids are on each team?
    • Typically there are 10-15 players per team.
  9. What equipment do I need?
    • Helmet with facemask, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants (breezers), shin pads, hockey gloves, stick and skates. A hockey jersey and hockey socks are provided by OMGHA.


  1. Where do I buy hockey equipment and how do I know how it should fit?
    • Most sporting goods stores carry hockey equipment. Letterman's Sports (Blaine & Plymouth), Dave’s Sports Shop (MG), All Star Sports (Crystal), and Dicks Sporting Goods all carry hockey equipment. As a general rule of thumb, all equipment should fit comfortably without being too big. Do not buy skates that are too big with plans to grow in to them. Trying to skate with skates that are too big is similar with trying to sprint in shoes that are too big. It is very difficult.
  2. Isn’t hockey equipment really expensive? Are there cheaper options?
    • All new skaters will receive $100 voucher to put towards new equipment at Letterman's Sports. Hockey equipment can be costly, but new skaters do not need top of the line equipment. It is important to have a good quality helmet and properly fitting pair of skates. The most important component of the remaining equipment is proper fit. Several sporting goods stores have used equipment for sale at reasonable prices. At this age, kids typically grow out of equipment long before they wear it out.
  3. My child would like to try to play hockey, but we are concerned about the cost.  Are there any options for financial assistance?
    • OMGHA does have programs available for families that need financial assistance. Please see for more information.
  4. When will I hear from a coach after I register?
    • Coaches will contact players once teams are formed. Supermite and U8 teams are not formed until after HEP evaluations. Mite 1, Mite 2 and Girls Mite teams will be formed in mid-October and coaches will contact players shortly afterwards.
  5. How do I receive communications from the coach or OMGHA?
    • You will receive communications via phone or email. Please be sure to provide accurate information during registration to get appropriate information in a timely manner.
  6. What is HEP?
    • HEP is a Minnesota Hockey mandated program that tracks the skill development of players. At the Supermite/U8 level, the HEP evaluations are used as one of several criteria when forming teams.
  7. What should I do if I want to coach?
    • Visit the website at  under the “Coaches” tab are all of the steps necessary to become a coach. 
    • Indicate your willingness to coach on your child’s application
    • You may also contact the level director and express your interest.
  8. My child is not a very good skater, can he/she still play hockey?
    • Definitely. This is a development program serving kids of various ages and abilities. We do recommend attending public skating and newcomer skate sessions before the season begins.
  9. What can I do before the season starts to help prepare for hockey?
    • Attend new skater skills sessions.  These sessions are open to all new skaters that are registered with OMGHA to play the Winter season.  With these sessions your new player will be skating before the season even starts.  New skater Skills Session dates and Times can be found on the on this link.
    • Attend open skating sessions at Maple Grove Community Center
    • Take skating lessons through Maple Grove Parks and Recreation
  10. Is there a New Parent Orientation?
    • Yes, in early October we will have a orientation for our new parents at the Maple Grove Community Center.  Time to be announced at a later date.
  11. What do I need to do to register?
  12. Are parents expected to volunteer or do fund-raising?
    • Yes. At registration you elect whether to participate in fundraising and the volunteer program or not. You may opt to sell candy bars or buyout of candy bar sales fundraising program for $50. You may opt to volunteer 14 hours per player (20 hours max per family) or buyout of volunteer obligations for $750 per player.  OMGHA relies heavily on fund-raising and volunteerism to keep hockey affordable and provide a quality experience for everyone involved. Children participating in the 4 year old Mini Mite program are exempt from this requirement.
  13. If my player does not like hockey can I get a refund?
    • We offer the New Skater Skills listed at the top of the page.
  • The sessions will give you an idea how your first time player will react to being on the ice. If you are unable to attend those sessions, you will have two weeks into the season to request a refund.  OMGHA will not be able to refund the USA/MN Hockey fees.
  1. Where can I find more information if have more questions?

·         The website ( has a great deal of information on it. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please contact: 


Jason Rogowski

Boys Mites (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)

Scott Poska

Girls House Director

Dustin Brooks

Supermites (2nd and 3rd Grade)

Brian Grant

VP House

Erin Smith

House Program Registrar