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Dryland Reservation

Dryland, Coaches Room and Computer Lab Scheduling

Click the "Book Now!" link below to reserve the dryland facility at either Osseo or Maple Grove. Please ensure that you add the team name that you are reserving the dryland area for to your last name (e.g. Smith - Squirt B1 Black).

You may reserve up to two (2) 30 minute blocks consecutively and hold up to four (4) 30 minute blocks for future use, at any given time.  The system will generate e-mails for you to confirm your reservation (and cancel, if needed), please check your spam folder as the initial e-mails from the system may be directed there.

You are also able reserve the "Coaches Room" at Osseo and the "Computer Lab" at MGCC, you may reserve up to a 2 hour block of time.

If you have any trouble with the reservation system, please send an e-mail to: