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Scholastic Achievement


Be a part of the exciting 36th Annual
OMGHA Scholastic Achievement Award Ceremony!

WHEN: Monday, April 29, 2024 - 6:00PM 
WHERE:  Lord of Life Church - Maple Grove

Casual Attire

2025 Scholastic Achievement Application:

  • Who completes this? Parents of travel players who qualify (see requirements below)
  • When is it due? Spring 2025
  • How is it completed? Online - Application link will open March 2025 (note: please wait until you have received both trimester 1 and 2 grades before submitting. District 279 will post grades later March.)

Character Award Nomination:

  • Who completes this? Every Travel Head Coach
  • When is it due? March 2025
  • How is it completed? Online - Application Link will open March 2025

The Scholastic Achievement Award program honors those travel OMGHA hockey players who achieved a 3.0 or higher grade point average during the 2024-2025 hockey season, or who were nominated by their team exemplifying the character traits promoted by the #11forJacob Movement

1) review all the eligibility requirements below

2) calculate your player's grade average

3) if your player qualifies, then, fully complete and submit the registration form

4) the SAA committee will notify all ineligible applicants. All eligible applicants will not be notified and are invited to attend the ceremony


Scholastic Achievement Award 

  1. The skater must be an OMGHA registered travel hockey player   House players are not eligible for the SAA program. 
  2. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average on a traditional 4.0 marking scale (i.e. secondary students in District 279) or minimum average of 3 on a standards-based grading scale (i.e. elementary students in District 279) when combining the first two school grading periods (trimester 1 & trimester 2).  
    • Calculations
      • Schools using a traditional grading scale The grade point average is calculated on the straight letter grade and any +/- will not affect the average.  For all non-letter grade subjects, the grade point average will be calculated using a grade conversion scale  (A: 4.0, B: 3.0, C: 2.0, D: 1.0, F: 0.0). Please note: Trimester 1 & 2 report cards reflecting a GPA less than 3.0 are ineligible. Please do not complete the application if your player's GPA is less than 3.0. Rounded scores will not be accepted. The minimum GPA to achieve the secondary Honor Roll for the Osseo School District is lower than the requirements for SAA. 
      • Schools using a standards-based grading scale Calculate an average of all content areas on the Trimester 1 and 2 report cards that were given a 4,3,2,1 . The average must be a minimum of a 3 to qualify. Please note: Trimester 1 & 2 report cards reflecting an average of less than 3 are ineligible. Please do not complete the application if your player's average is less than 3.0. Rounded scores will not be accepted. 
      • Grades for all content areas assigned a letter grade (traditional grading scale) or a number (standards-based grading scale) in trimester 1 and trimester 2 (including Phy Ed, Art, Band, Music, etc.) are used in the calculations of the grade point average.
      • Do not calculate pass/fail grades such as P, I or effort grades such as M, I, D
      • Grading Periods
        • District 279 Schools: Applications will include an upload of the eligible Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 Report Card If both trimester 1 & 2 report cards are not on one document, please copy, paste the 2 reports cards into one document & upload into the application (we'd prefer the docs to not be  uploaded separately if possible).
        • Other School Systems:   Students attending private schools or other school systems should use their grading periods that most closely match the corresponding ISD # 279  grading periods. Note: If your child's school does not provide both trimesters on one document or follows a different report card schedule, complete and submit the application. Upload a document in the report section that states you emailed the report cards . Then, email your documents to Emailing a report card alone will not be considered. 
        • Home Schools:  Players who are home schooled are eligible to submit an application. A progress report will need to be uploaded. Contact Kristina Kampa or Bridget Erickson if you have any questions.


All report cards and student information will be kept in strict confidence and will be reviewed by the SAA committee for grade averages only.  Please white out any other personal information that you don’t wish to share.


If your player meets the above eligibility requirements, please:

1. Submit this application.

2. Upload 1 document with trimester 1 & 2 printed or copy and pasted into the 1 document. If this is not possible, upload both trimester 1 and trimester 2 report cards. Email with any questions. 

Please note the SAA Committee will consider the following as ineligible applications. Please understand these are firm and established  guidelines of the program. Exceptions will not be made. Parents submitting ineligible applications will be notified.

  • Applications received after due date. 
  •  Grade averages less than 3.0. Rounded scores are not eligible. Minimum average is 3.0
  • No application submitted (emails alone are not considered an application). Every applicant must complete the application via the link above. If you need to email the report card, please upload a document that states the date you emailed the report card. 

All eligible and on time applications will be accepted. No notifications will be sent for the accepted applications Eligible applications should plan to attend the ceremony. 

Character Award

The Scholastic Awards Achievement Ceremony includes a character component. Each travel team will work to embed character development into their team culture throughout the season. At the end of the season, the head coach will nominate one player who best represents the traits promoted by the #11forJacob movement. The nominated player should be an excellent model of a player working hard to live these traits both on and off the ice, in the classroom, and at home. Personal character, not athleticism, is the focus of this award. Individual head coaches may determine how the players are selected from their teams. The nominated player may meet the established scholastic requirements, but this is NOT required. 

#11forJacob Movement - Character Traits 

This movement centers around 11 simple traits that Jacob valued: Be fair, Be kind, Be understanding, Be honest, Be thankful, Be a good sport, Be a good friend, Be joyful, Be generous, Be gentle with others, Be positive. 

Embedding Character Development into Your Team Culture

CHARACTER AWARD APPLICATION SUBMISSIONEach head coach will click this link to fill out the form at the end of the season. 


We are accepting and appreciative of prize donations for the event.  If you or your business would like to donate a prize, please contact Kristina Kampa or Bridget Erickson. All businesses and individuals will be acknowledged in the event program.

2024 KeyNote Speaker

Travis Roche 

Travis Roche is a long standing and successful coach in the Osseo-Maple Grove Hockey Association. In addition to his breadth of experience as a professional hockey player, he brings to his teams an emphasis on character development. We are excited and grateful for all of our players in the association to learn from his perspective and experience at this year's SAA!

Collegiate and Professional Hockey Career