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2020-2021 Volunteer Season

** Volunteer Hours/Positions for the 2020-2021 Season will begin early September**

The 2020-2021 volunteer season will begin with Pre-Tryout Clinics and run through the end of April (4/30/21).    You must register your child prior to claiming any volunteer positions through DIBs.   NOTE:  No Volunteer Hours required for Mini-Mite or Jr.Gold/U19 players.

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Volunteer Ideas

Don't know what to sign up for--check out this list below for ideas.

DIBS (On-line Volunteer System)

You must complete the 2020-2021 OMGHA Registration process to begin selecting volunteer opportunities. Once that account has been created, you can still assign tasks to any person in your family through that one account.

  • OMGHA registration will automatically enroll you in DIBS as a 1 player or 2 (or more) player family unless you exercised a volunteer buyout.
  • Email reminders will be sent out one business day prior to your assignment.
  • Ability to select volunteer opportunities by date or category (concessions, tryouts, tournaments, etc). DIBS shows one month out from todays date. You can simply set your own data range filtering by choosing dates using the built in calendar functionality.
  • A family cannot work extra hours in one season to "carry over" to the following season.  
  • You cannot bring an "extra" person to work your shift with you and expect double the hours.    We post the number of positions that we need for each event. 

CLICK HERE to start choosing opportunities that OMGHA has available for you to sign up for!  Or "click" DIBS on the top toolbar (upper right-hand corner).

Background Screening during the Pre-Tryout Camps and Tryouts (Traveling Levels)

If you are planning on being a locker room parent/volunteer you must fill out a background check - this is required every OTHER year/season.  Simply click on this link:   Please note that MN Hockey is charging a $30 fee for the background check, which will not be reimbursed by OMGHA.   When you fill out the form it will ask for a USA Confirmation number from the USA Hockey site.   You will need to register as a volunteer through USA Hockey (no cost) - select Ice Manager/Volunteer - and complete questions.   After you complete the form you will need to send the confirmation to Suzy Lempe at      Note:  We are in District 3.      Please refer to the Cleared Background list located here: 

How to "claim" an item?  Log into and click on LOGIN (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen) and enter username and password. You must use the same username and password that your registered your child with. Click on 2020-2021 OMGHA Volunteering. When you find an item that works, simply click on that item and select "claim this DIB item". You may filter your choices by date or category.  Note:  You cannot sign-up for over-lapping positions during the same time slot.   You will be asked to cancel one.

How to view "claimed" DIB items? If you sign up for an opportunity online and can't remember the information, simply log on with your username and password (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen) and click on "UTOOLS" (located on main menu bar) and then My Dibs: View all my currently claimed DIB items or CLICK HERE.

What to do if you selected a duty to work and you can't make it? Log in with your username and password (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen) . Click on My Dibs: View all of my currently claimed DIB items. Select the duty you want to cancel and click on "cancel claim". Each task will have a stated cancellation period, which is typically 7 days. Once you've cancelled the duty, this will then be put back into the pool of volunteer opportunities.  Note:  Level Directors may cancel a scheduled ice time if they no longer need it (i.e. Tryouts) and you will be notified via e-mail.    No hours will be given in these cases.

What to do after you have worked the shift? After you have completed the assigned duty, you may view your DIB items by entering your username and password  (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen) . Click on My Dibs: View all my currently claimed DIB items. You can then click on the text that is in the DIB ITEM column (for example, concessions). Then that will load up a new screen that will give you the option to select "verify completion". Once you have selected the "verify completion", you will get a message that states your request has been sent and will then be completed by the Volunteer Coordinator Team.

***If you have any questions regarding the online system, please contact  Rochelle Giuliani and/or Tricia Leafblad at

Volunteer Policy

Our association operates solely on a volunteer basis. In order to provide quality programs and to create a positive, fun and a quality environment for our players, we need help from every participating family. Our policy is for every family to commit to at least 14 hours/credits of volunteer time for one player and 20 hours/credits for two or more players.  Note:  No Volunteer Hours required for Mini-Mite or Jr. Gold/U19 players.   

For the 2020-2021 season, the volunteer deposit is $750.00 per player ($1500 max collected per family). The deposit check will be held and WILL NOT BE CASHED unless the family does not satisfy its volunteer requirement within the allotted timeframe. Upon completion of the volunteer requirement, the deposit check will be voided and destroyed.

Because it is important to insure we have the proper number of volunteers available for OMGHA events, DIBS sessions that are unclaimed within five days of a particular event (i.e., OMGHA tournaments) may be released to and claimed by paid volunteers.   Please look to claim DIBS sessions sooner than five days in advance of a particular event.  We need to know we will have fully staffed events in order to run quality tournaments and jamborees.

*HEADS UP*:  At registration you are able to  buy out of the volunteer commitment.  

Rochelle Giuliani and Tricia Leafblad


Volunteer hours for Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers are listed below:

Team Manager (House) – 14 volunteer hours

Team Manager (Traveling – Squirts/U10 and above) – 20 volunteer hours – if you have two or more Team Managers, hours can be split among Management Team 

COVID Team Representative (House and Traveling) - 5 volunteer hours, nontransferable 

Head Coach (House and Traveling) – 20 volunteer hours – if Head Coach doesn’t need hours, hours can be passed along to Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coach (House) – 14 volunteer hours – House teams are allowed 4 assistant coaches or 56 hours to split with a maximum of 14 hours per assistant

Assistant Coach (Traveling) – 14 volunteer hours – Traveling teams are allowed 2 assistant coaches or 28 hours to split with a maximum of 14 hours per assistant.

No Show Penalty or Cancellations less than 7 days

If you are signed up to work a shift and do not show up, there will be a penalty.  All positions in DIBs allow cancellation prior to 7 days of the volunteer position date.   If less than 7 days, then an Administrator must release the position.  The penalty is as follows:

First Offense $50 fine 

Second Offense $100 fine

Third Offense Forfeit full Volunteer Deposit